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When people need a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Russellville, KY, they come to the Law Office Of Nancy E.S. Calloway. We aggressively defend people facing misdemeanors or charges that are more serious across a wide spectrum of criminal law specialties. If you are charged with a DUI, criminal charge, or a conviction, you need a DUI lawyer or criminal defense lawyer to defend you as soon as possible.

A strong advocate on your side is a critical asset when you are under arrest or have been charged with a crime. Someone who stands up to a tough prosecutor or a skeptical jury with 34 years of legal experience in this field will be a formidable supporter. At the Law Office Of Nancy E.S. Calloway, we have been defending clients facing tough charges since 1980.

When law enforcement is investigating you, a capable defense attorney’s protection is essential, regardless of whether you are charged with drunk driving or a homicide. Please contact us promptly, if you have been charged with a crime or misdemeanor. We can discuss your case in confidence. Anything you share with us will remain confidential.

A criminal charge leaves an indelible impression that dims a person’s future without an expungement or acquittal. Even a misdemeanor conviction restricts a person’s ability to find work, go to school, or find housing. With so much on the line, you deserve a criminal defense lawyer with the integrity and experience to protect your rights under state law. Our office has obtained positive outcomes in such cases.

Do not delay if you or someone you love is in trouble with the law. Schedule a consultation at the Law Office Of Nancy E.S.

Calloway when you need a criminal defense attorney in Russellville, KY.

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